Choose the Right Kind of Data Science Course that Would Suit You

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The binary world is now the new big thing today. It claims to possess the potential to change the world and make everyone’s future better and secure. While the data science community is very promising for a better future, what is still bothering the employers of this field is [...]

Job Vacancy in AI and Data Science Increases to More than 50,000 Due to Lack of Talent Says Report

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India being one among the fastest foregoing countries in the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, requires the right talent for the purpose. AI has been the spine for the technology sectors in overcoming all the requirements to leave the other companies behind in the long run. But [...]

Why Go for a Career in Data Science?

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Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. Today, the world is filled by a majority of people complaining about their jobs. They are not satisfied by either the money they make or the long hours of work they are required to [...]

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