Popular Data Science Courses

Data Science with R

R programming
Data Manipulation in R
Machine learning in R

Data Science with SAS

SAS programming
Machine learning in SAS

Data Science with Python

Python programming
Machine learning in Python

Data Science with SAS+R

SAS Programming
R Programming
Machine learning in SAS/R

Data Science with R+Python

R Programming
Python Programming
Machine learning in R

Data Visualization and Reporting

Advance Excel
Basic crash course in data analytics

Why enroll in a data science course?

India has seen an increase in people taking data science courses. This increase began in 2013 and since then, there has been more awareness of data science and hence the data certification course in Delhi. The increase has prompted most educational institution to provide a course in data science. To fully master the skills associated with data science, there are two categories that you need to learn. There are the skills that you can learn through an online course like the one offered by Crystal Analytix but the other you will need to learn in a classroom setting.

What is Data Science?

A library framework for software is the perfect definition of data science. The process allows for distributing large amounts of data by means of a programming tool across a multitude of computers. This can be increased very easily from one server to many machines. Data science covers a lot of topics and learning this science allows you to learn many skills including programming, math, machine learning and many others.

Why it is an excellent platform?

This is an excellent platform and the Data Science Certification Training Course in Delhi taught by Crystal Analytix will open many doors to new opportunities to ensure a successful career. You will be able to make all the right decisions from the insight gained. You need to enroll in our Data Science Training Course in Delhi NCR to get certified inn machine learning and other subject areas right here in Delhi.

Online Data Science Course

As expressed before, in class learning of data science is just part of it. You still have the option to enroll in the online course offered by Crystal Analytix. The great thing about online Data Science Training in Gurgaon is that you get to learn from the comfort of your own home. You get to set your time so you will always be in charge of your education. When you decide to enroll in a data science course there are a few questions that you should ask.

Data Science Training Course FAQs

  • It opens the door to an industry which needs professionals with these skills and experiences.

The price of the course lies between INR 21,000 and 80,000.

You can register directly from website or on call.

The certification comes from crystalanalytix.com

The completion of 85 % of the course.

Not long after the completion of the program.