Learning anything requires a lot of practice and equal amounts of patience, and the same is the case with learning any kind of programming languages. Today Python is one of the most famous programming languages which is used in almost every field possible. This is the reason why many programmers are learning it and many freshers are also showing a major interest in it. But to learn any certain skill, there are some tips that one should take into consideration.

Some of the tips that a Python training course beginner should follow while learning Python are:
1. Take notes
The first thing to do is take down regular notes as one slowly progresses towards excelling python. Taking notes is very good for making sure to
retain the information for a longer time. Also, one should write down the codes before typing them as this will help in strategizing the code.

2. Code daily
One should make it a point to code daily because this will create a better memory of the codes and everything one has learned. Also, this will
increase one’s commitment towards coding in Python, especially if one is looking to be a full-time Python coder.

3. Debug
One should make it a point to find fun in debugging long and complex codes. One should not let the bugs frustrate them. Instead, they should
take it as a challenge and use a methodical approach to find these bugs.

4. Communicate
Another important thing is to communicate with the other learners of data science with a Python course. This way one can learn from them and can also clear their doubts which will sharpen their skills and knowledge even further.

5. Build
Take up the regular challenge of building something even if it is something small. Someone can first use basic structures and then can slowly move onto the complex ones. Building and developing is the only way to learn something new every day, all the while accruing experience.