Big data is a popular field these days as many companies are now interested in getting their data analyzed. Data science is allowing the organizations to better their chances in the market, learn more about their customers, develop their products and services, create many technological developments, etc. Therefore, in the last few years, the demand of data scientists in India has only risen. If one looks at the current trend, the demand is only going to rise further. Therefore, one can say this is the right time to get trained in data science from a good data science training course.

The ways in which one can start their career in the field of data science are:
1. Learn the art
The first and foremost thing to do is to enroll in a data science course. This way one can learn everything about data science, the skills that are needed, the programming, etc. Make sure that the course can provide one with the recent happenings related to the field.

2. Practice
A big part of data science is all about programming, and it is necessary for an aspiring data scientist to keep practicing the languages until one is an expert in it. Having proper programming skills will be the main factors to getting an excellent job.

3. Machine learning
One should take machine learning seriously and should spend time learning standard and advanced algorithms. Without machine learning, data science cannot exist and therefore, proper knowledge of it is necessary. One should also build machine learning projects to hone the skills regularly.

4. Soft skills
While learning all the technical skills, one should not forget the soft skills like communication, analytical and logical thinking, problem-solving, etc. One of the major tasks of the data scientist is to align the business and bug data together and the soft skills is a major requirement.